Captain Marvel has officially been released on Digital and the release is filled with special features meant to enhance the experience for fans who enjoyed the feature film.


Deleted Scenes

Yon-Rogg meets with the Supreme Intelligence after losing Carol. He makes his case that he has brought something more valuable and begs forgiveness for his failure. It’s a relatively uninspiring scene that actually takes away from Yon-Rogg as a character and a threat. Makes sense that it was cut.

Yon-Rogg is teaching a group of young Kree about the menace of the Skrulls when he is interrupted by Carol. She tells the young about her own experience with the Skrulls before they are asked about the Supreme Intelligence. The scene gives context to the story Carol has been fed to keep her loyal to the Kree. The same ground is covered in other scenes, making this one interesting but unneccessary.

Star-Force prepares for their mission. It’s a short scene that highlights the team dynamics and relationships.

Carol is reading a map when a man rides up on his motorcycle. He interrupts her and his subsequent conversation with her is unwanted. She retaliates by forcing him to his knees and demanding his keys and jacket before taking off. I understand what the filmmakers were trying to say with this scene, but it felt like heavy-handed pandering.

Talos/Keller is frustrated that Carol and Fury escaped and can’t be tracked. He wants to know where they are going and tasks his team to retrieve the black box before he discovers something in the file. It’s a short scene, but it explains how Talos was able to find his way to Monica’s home after Carol and Fury arrived.

Talos/Keller is witnessing the autopsy of one of his men and says goodbye before heading back to his office. At the same time, Fury and Coulson run into each other in the hallway before Coulson lets Keller into the office. It’s a small moment that highlights the dynamic between Coulson and Fury, but it’s inclusion wouldn’t have enhanced the film.



Becoming A Super Hero

The filmmakers and Brie Larson discuss the importance of Carol Danvers as a character and symbol. The directors talk about their decision to go with Larson for the role and what she brings to the character. Larson’s pilot research with Brigadier General Jeannie Leavitt is also highlighted to show Larson’s commitment to the character. It’s an engaging personal journey that is worth watching.



Gag Reel

Filled mostly with prop mishaps, missed cues and the occasional dance break, the gag reel lasts only about two minutes and shows the lighter side of the production. I would have liked to see more, especially performance gaffs, but this was good.



Hiss-sterical Cat-itude

Shot in a 90’s video style, this special feature is all about the cat Reggie and his role as Goose in the film. There are some cute and fun moments throughout with the cast and crew of the film and the three minute run time is perfect.


The Dream Team

Captain Marvel directors Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck are highlighted in this feature with the cast, crew and producers praising them for their vision and visual style. Their indie film background is also highlighted to show their commitment to character and relationships with the action and explosions being the icing on the cake. A well done short.


The Origin of Nick Fury

Featuring interviews with the cast and MCU alums Robert Downey Jr, Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth, the journey of Fury from spy to spy master is featured. Clips from Jackson’s appearances as Fury as showcased, but there is so much more to Fury’s role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe that three and a half minutes just feels insufficient.



The Skrulls and The Kree

The central conflict of the film is showcased in this feature with a short introduction to the races at war in it. The feature shows them from the perspective of the MCU, but a history of the characters in the comics would have helped to give historical context to the story.


Big Hero Moment

Interviews with the cast and crew highlight the importance of the character and her role both in the making of the MCU and going forward. Most of the clips have already been used in other features, so not much there that’s new or revelatory.



Journey into VFX with Victoria Alonso

From the first Iron Man to now, Visual Effects and Executive Producer Victoria Alonso has been the woman to help bring these characters and their powers to life in visual effects. She has been part of the MCU from the beginning and her insights on technology and how it can enhance the film are one of the reasons the Marvel Cinematic Universe has grown and thrived. Her journey as a woman in the industry and her commitment to her craft and vision are inspirational and perfect for this film.


What Makes a Memory – Inside the Mind Frack

The escape from the Skrull ship is the highlight of this feature including the visual effects, Brie Larson’s training and how the scene sets Carol on her journey to discovering her past. It’s a good feature that shows the work involved in brining the sequence to life.


Her Story

The filmmakers and Kevin Feige discuss the character of Carol Danvers and how heavily they were influenced by Kelly Sue DeConnick’s version of Carol in the comics. DeConnick is interviewed as well and gives her take on why Carol resonates and why she chose to give the character the personality she has in the film. A great feature that I wish featured more of DeConnick and her inspiration for this iteration of Carol.





Captain Marvel Special Features




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