Swamp ThingĀ 

DC Universe

Season 1 Episode 1


A small boat travels through the swamp with a crew on a mission to drop some packages into the murky water. The act unleashes something in the deep that destroys the boat and kills all but one of the crew.


Later, a young girl begins to manifest strange symptoms in school and is immediately take to the local hospital for care. The outbreak of a possible infection brings Dr. Abby Arcane back to the town she grew up in to investigate the infection as a member of the CDC. When she begins her investigation, she runs into biologist Alec Holland who is investigating the swamp itself and has made a discovery.


When their investigations collide, the two teal up to search the swamp for answers. Answers that will lead them to dangerous discoveries while Abby deals with a painful moment from her past. When Alec gets too close to the truth, someone in the shadows attempts to silence him. Unfortunately, the swamp has other ideas.


The pilot episode does a great job of setting up the main characters, their conflicts and the mystery that will surround them throughout the series. The acting is great and there is some engaging chemistry between Abby and Alec. Abby’s past makes for some great drama as well and her secret is one that I want to see explored. Unfortunately, the only thing that feels off about the pilot is that is feels a little forced in its pacing. I would have liked to see more development of the Alec/Abby relationship before the tragedy that alters both their lives, but the plot points that are established make for some great drama and kept me interested in seeing where the story goes next.

The special effects are fantastic and the dark, horror tone of the episode works perfectly. Hopefully, the rest of the series keeps this tone going forward and utilizes the atmosphere of the swamp itself to keep up the tension and horror. There is a scene in the lab that is reminiscent of John Carpenter’s The Thing and I loved it. I’m definitely on board with this series.

Swamp Thing S01XE01




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