Canary #1

Best Jackett Press/ ComiXology Originals

Written by Scott Snyder

Art by Dan Panosian

Colors by Dan Panosian

Letters by Richard Starkings

The Rundown: A legendary lawman finds himself in the middle of a mystery filled with murder.

It’s 1891 in the Utah Territory and legendary lawman Marshall William Holt has been brought in to deal with an unorthodox murder of a school teacher by one of her students. Holt investigates the crime and decides to go see the boy who committed it. Unfortunately, his protective family stands in the way and his investigation immediately begins with more bloodshed. It also begins with a strange talk with the killer that reminds him of another strange talk from his recent past.

In the aftermath, Holt thinks back to another killer he faced down. One with an unusual bearing that gave him a warning about things to come. A warning that could be coming to fruition as more seemingly random and strange murders threaten to delay Marshall Holt’s much anticipated retirement.

The Story: Snyder delivers an entertaining first issue filled with great mystery and atmosphere. The setting is interesting and informs a lot of the emotion, dialogue and feel of the story. The mystery at the heart of the story is intriguing and has gotten my attention as a reader. Holt has a lot of the qualities of a classic western hero, but I’m hoping to get a sense of his humanity as the story progresses.

The Art: Panosian delivers some beautiful art on every page of this issue. The visuals are stunning and filled with great style and detail.

Canary #1



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