Dudley Datson and The Forever Machine #1

Best Jackett Press/ Comixology Originals

Written by Scott Snyder

Art by Jamal Igle

Inks by Juan Castro

Colors by Chris Sotomayor

Letters by Tom Napolitano

The Rundown: A young genius will find his perceptions and world turned upside down.

Dudley Datson has a huge brain and a lot on his mind. Not the least of which is the presentation of his latest invention. A presentation his father wouldn’t miss for the world. As nervous as Dudley is about his invention, he is more concerned with his father’s health, but with the help of his best friend and his supportive teacher, he gets ready to thrill the world with his new technology.

What Dudley doesn’t know is that there are dark forces emerging from the shadows. Forces that have targeted someone close to Dudley. After an embarrassing presentation and a trip back to school to find out what went wrong, Dudley finds himself in the middle of a conflict he doesn’t understand and carrying an object that could affect the fate of the world.

The Story: Scott Snyder usually delivers some big, thrilling action, pulse-pounding horror or tense drama. That’s why this first issue is such an intriguing and entertaining departure from a lot of his other work. Dudley Datson is gearing up to be a big sci-fi family adventure and it does it with great charm, humor and heart. I love the father/son relationship in the series as well as the mentor relationship with his teacher. The story has some great character moments and I love the little surprises within the story and how they will affect it going forward.

The Art: Igle delivers some beautifully detailed and lively art that brilliantly captures the emotional and visual tone of the story. The art complements the characters really well and I love both the character designs and the wonderfully full and vibrant backgrounds.

Dudley Datson and The Forever Machine #1



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