The CW

Season 2 Episode 5

Gore on Canvas

Official Description – Batwoman is approached by Cmdr. Kane and Agent Moore to boost an infamous work of art that reveals the way to Coryana and Kate; Alice discovers that she may not remember everything about her time on Coryana.

In this week’s episode the Bat Family joins forces with the Crows to determine the whereabouts of a stolen painting. Meanwhile, Alice tracks down Ocean in an attempt to find missing information.

The show opens Commander Jacob Kane seeking information on a painting by Jack Napier. When one of Safiyah’s assassins interrupts the exchange, he is captured by Batwoman much to the ire of Kane.

Later, we find that Ryan Wilder has reconnected with her ex. The two discuss the past and come to an understanding. When Ryan’s injury is revealed, she finally goes to Mary Hamilton, who provides her with antibiotics and wound care.

The Crows meet with Evan Blake, an art curator with possible ties to The Collective and a previous relationship with Kate. When he declines their request for help finding the missing painting, agent Sophie Moore approaches Batwoman in hopes of questioning her captive. Although Ryan is against it, Mary and Luke Fox talk her into an alliance with the agency.

During Kane and Moore’s questioning, the importance of the painting is discovered. When the unexpected occurs, the Crows make a plan with Ryan to gather more information. When Ryan finds the Napier painting, she has a run-in with a foe that has their own plans for the artwork.

After a chase scene and confrontation involving the Crows, Ryan is left disgusted with the organizations behavior. Sophie later seeks to atone for the Crows misdeeds, but Ryan is done dealing with the group. She then goes to Mary and Luke and the team discusses plans to move forward.

Elsewhere in Gotham, Alice tracks down Ocean. After the two meet and converse, Alice is left perplexed by his responses to her. Her later plan to subdue him is thwarted when he discovers her following him. After each reveals their history, they discover a shared connection. When Safiyah’s assassins show up, the two decide to work together to search for answers.

Watching Ryan’s relationship dynamics with the other characters on the show has been interesting. The developments are markedly different from what we saw with Kate. It reminds me what a difference both perception and perspective can make.

The plot involving Alice and Ocean was the stand out in this episode. This is a team up I didn’t know was needed. Ocean’s calm demeanor is the perfect match for Alice’s erratic energy. As Alice’s history always peaks my interest, I am anxious to know more about her time on Coryana, and its overall place in the Batwoman universe.

Batwoman S02XE05



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