Batman: Urban Legends #18

DC Comics

Written by Brandon Thomas, Henry Barajas, Chris Burnham, Tini Howard, Blake M. Howard and Greg Hahn

Art by Alberto Jimenez Alburquerque, Serg Acuna, Chris Burnham, Max Raynor and Mike Norton

Colors by John Kalisz, Dave McCaig, Nathan Fairbairn, Marissa Louise and Hi-Fi

Letters by Steve Wands, Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou, Rus Wooton, Josh Reed and Travis Lanham

The Rundown: New stories about the heroes and

Signal & The Outsiders Part 1

Duke Thomas has been burning the candle on both ends by continuing the investigation into what happened to his mother as well as making himself available for the Outsiders. As he continues to fight and work his investigation alone, he starts to miss things. Things that are important for both his identity and his life. Things that prompt Black Lightning to reach out to Batman for help.

Blood In & Blood Out

Bruce Wayne attends a party to celebrate the return of stolen artifacts that are said to be cursed. Things take a turn to the supernatural when an attempt to steal one of the artifacts prompts Jason Blood to take on the form of the demon Etrigan. When Batman arrives, he and Randhir go on the hunt for the captured demon who finds himself facing a tense family reunion under the streets of Gotham.

A good story with some fun moments and thrilling artwork. I like when Batman is given supernatural threats to deal with, but I wanted more of Etrigan.

The Pennyworth Files: The Fall of the Scales

Alfred has a rare night off and decides to pay a visit to a local shop to look at some rare items. When a man smelling of fish enters the shop and steals one of its items, Alfred finds himself in the middle of a mystery whose thrilling beginning quickly turns into something more sinister and dangerous the deeper he gets.

A fun story with an interesting art style. The plot is filled with great tension and I enjoyed the contrast between Alfred’s story and what Batman is dealing with at the time.

Night Terrors

Tim Drake is having bad dreams and Batman decides to wake him up when the call goes out. After arriving at Arkham, they find that both the inmates and the guards are all asleep. A product of John Dee and his new jewel. As both Batman and Robin take on Dee and his guards, more nightmares become reality. Only these nightmares belong to Batman and have everything to do with someone he lost.

An entertaining story from the early days of Tim’s time as Robin. Does a great job of showcasing the fears Bruce continues to deal with in the aftermath of losing Jason. Great art in the story as well.

Belle & Beau

Two young people in Gotham find that their lives are going nowhere fast while the corrupt people they work for continue to thrive. So they decide to rob the thieves. As their legend grows in the city, Batman warns them about the people they are making enemies of, but their attitude gives him something to think about.

An entertaining story whose politics are a little too on the surface, but the message is well delivered.

Batman: Urban Legends #18



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