Naomi Season Two #6

DC Comics

Written by Brian Michael Bendis and David F Walker

Art by Jamal Campbell

Colors by Jamal Campbell

Letters by Wes Abbott

The Rundown: Naomi discovers more to her powers as she faces an invasion alone.

After taking down Zumbado and his biggest gun alone, Naomi is drained. As the rest of Zumbado’s forces move in for the kill, a lone voice talks to her in the darkness. A voice that is connected to her parents. A voice telling her to fight.

As her friends and family work to remove innocent bystanders from the scene and clash with law enforcement, Naomi finds herself at the mercy of the invaders. With the encouragement of a friend from another world, Naomi will discover a power within herself that she didn’t realize. A power that might just save two worlds.

The Story: Bendis and Walker bring this story home with a wonderful mixture of action and heart. The story does a wonderful job of bringing all of the character arcs and relationships together in a story filled with engaging and compelling moments. I really enjoyed the tension throughout and loved the moment that Naomi finally became the hero she was meant to be.

The Art: Campbell delivers some beautifully detailed art throughout the issue. From the character moments to the blistering action, Campbell brings a gorgeous visual palette for the reader to enjoy.

Naomi Season Two #6



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