Batman-Universe-3-1-600x910Batman Universe #3

DC Comics

Written by Brian Michael Bendis

Art by Nick Derington

Colors by Dave Stewart

Letters by Carlos M. Mangual

The Rundown: Batman’s latest adventure will have him facing an ancient enemy, teaming up old friends and crossing both space and time.


Batman is captured by the Thanagarians and interrogated. With few answers to give, he invokes the names of Katar and Shayera in hopes of getting someone to listen to him. When he is released, the Thanagarians give him a set of wings in order to allow him to travel to their Science Center in order to find a way to get him back home.

When an attack triggers a return trip for the Dark Knight, the radiation from the egg he was tracking knocks him out. When he is awakened by Cyborg and Hal Jordan, he reveals that Vandal Savage is behind the theft and the attack on Gorilla City. When he and Hal track the despot to a hidden island, they find themselves face to face with a blast from the past.

The Story: Brian Michael Bendis is taking Batman on some interesting adventures in this series and this issue especially. While the story continues to be intriguing and the mystery surrounding Vandal Savage’s involvement engages the reader, I found the humor to be forced. A lot of the dialogue consisted of Batman throwing out one-liners and they seemed out of place. Also, Batman spends way too much time reacting to situations rather than investigating and that change in his personality took me out of the story many times.

The Art: Nick Derington does great work with the art in this issue. I enjoy his depiction of the characters and the action was lively and full of detail.

Batman Universe #3




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