STL130018Batman and the Outsiders #5

DC Comics

Written by Bryan Hill

Art by Dexter Soy

Colors by Veronica Gandini

Letters by Clayton Cowles

The Rundown: The Outsiders have infiltrated a hostile foreign land to rescue Sofia, but the Demon’s Head has other plans for the most vulnerable members of their team.


Black Lightning and Katana have made their way into Khadym seemingly without being detected and they are attempting to set up their personas as arms dealers. Jefferson decides to engage Tatsu in conversation and wants to know what makes it easy for her kill and not feel guilt about. As she gives him a lesson on the feelings behind taking a life, Kaliber calls with information.

After finding the location of Sofia, Kaliber decides to be overwatch for Lightning and Katana when they confront the confused and drugged young metahuman. In the ensuing battle, the team must face off against Sofia and an army of fighters sent by Ra’s Al Ghul. Unfortunately, they will find out too late that Sofia was not the Ra’s only target.

The Story: I like this series for many reasons. I like the dark, serious tone of it and the characters are written really well. I enjoy the interactions between Jefferson and Katana as well as the forming dynamic between Signal and Orphan. Bryan Hill does a great job with the pacing and plot of this issue and the surprise at the end was both satisfying and unpredictable. If there is one thing that I have trouble with is that I still don’t see where the team aspect of this title is. There are some great side stories and questions being raised, but I still don’t see them as a team and that can be frustrating as a reader.

The Art: Dexter Soy delivers some astounding art in this issue. He’s given some great action moments to work with as well as some character moments that call for a more dramatic art style.


Batman and the Outsiders #5




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