Batman: Fortress #1

DC Comics

Written by Gary Whitta

Art by Darick Robertson

Colors by Diego Rodriguez

Letters by Simon Bowland

The Rundown: A global disaster sends Batman out into the night to help, but a missing person might prove to be a bigger mystery.

Gotham City is in the middle of a blackout. One that will require Batman to take to the streets when a group of villains, including Joker, escape from Arkham. As Batman hunts down his rogue’s gallery, Alfred attempts to determine what is causing the blackout and why it is spreading around the world.

When Bruce returns to the cave, Alfred tells him the Justice League is waiting for him and shows him what they were able to find out about the alien threat. Unfortunately, another mystery might be just as important as Batman wonders where Superman is.

The Story: Whitta has crafted an intriguing and engaging mystery in this first issue. It does a great job of showcasing Batman and his mission in Gotham as well as building the tension of the bigger story throughout. I like the focus of the story and how intimate it feels. It will be interesting to see if that intimacy continues as the roster of characters expands.

The Art: Robertson has a wonderful visual eye and that comes through with great action and a fantastic use of shadow and darkness to convey emotion.

Batman: Fortress #1



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