DC vs Vampires – Hunters #1

DC Comics

Written by Matthew Rosenberg

Art by Neil Googe

Colors by Antonio Fabela

Letters by Troy Peteri

The Rundown: Robin does whatever is necessary to get an audience with the king of Vampires.

In the aftermath of the vampire takeover, there is a small pocket of resistance that still operates in Gotham. Unfortunately, they are being hunted by Robin aka Damian Wayne. With every enemy he takes down, he demands to see the king. When Terrific tells him the price for entrance, Damian goes back into the night.

What no one knows is that Damian is working with the resistance and their de facto leader Alfred. Using a member of the Justice League that hasn’t been turned, Damian gets in to see the king. A meeting that will lead to betrayal, revelations and a dark promise that could mean the end of humanity.

The Story: Rosenberg crafts a dark and entertaining story in this issue. Outside of the action of the bigger arc, this issue deals with the complicated dynamics of the children of Bruce Wayne. It does a great job of showcasing that the family drama is still compelling and that even in the midst of a bigger global conflict, family ties can still play a role.

The Art: Googe delivers some great visual moments and the action with Damian is visually thrilling.

DC vs Vampires – Hunters #1



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