Batman #78

DC Comics

Written by Tom King

Art by Clay Mann

Colors by Tomeu Morey

Letters by Clayton Cowles

The Rundown: Selina needs to find a way to get Bruce back on his game as the former couple decides to has out their personal drama for the greater good.


Bruce is Magnum P.I’ing it in paradise with Selina as he recovers from both the loss of Gotham and his defeat by Bane and his father. The former lovers find that getting Bruce back to 100% is easier said than done with the specter of their former relationship hanging over their heads.

Even their attempts to keep a distance from each other just serves a means for the two of them to examine why their wedding day was a disaster, why Selina left and why Bruce didn’t chase after her. As they don their personas to train on the beach, both Batman and Catwoman will come to realizations that will redefine their relationship going forward.

The Story: This is a good issue. As much as I was expecting Bruce to dive into preparing to face down both Thomas and Bane, this is exactly what the character needed vs what I wanted. The Bat/Cat relationship has been at the heart of Tom King’s run for over a year now and if these characters came together and moved forward without addressing the status of that relationship and what happened between them, it would be a cheat for the audience who has followed King’s run. I admire the fact that King can take issues in the midst of a bigger arc and explore Bruce psychologically. It makes the reader appreciate the character more by admiring his complexity.

The Art: Clay Mann is a master at detail and all of the art in this issue is beautiful and filled with it. The characters look amazing. The backgrounds and vistas add emotional weight to the character moments and the tone of the story is perfectly captured in the art.

Batman #78




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