Batman ’89 #3

DC Comics

Written by Sam Hamm

Art by Joe Quinones

Colors by Leonardo Ito

Letters by Clayton Cowles

The Rundown: Batman encounters a ghost from his past and Harvey Dent has an epiphany.

Harvey Dent rescues Drake from the burning garage and finds himself hailed as a hero. Not only does his act of heroism get him the recognition that he seeks, but the office that he covets. Unfortunately, none of it is real and he is pulled out of the garage by Bruce Wayne and Drake horribly scarred and dying. In the aftermath, Harvey will begin a psychological journey that will change more than his physical appearance.

At the same time, Batman takes to the streets to find Catwoman and Drake hits the road. After finding Selina, he discovers that she has a bigger plan going on behind the scenes in Gotham. One that hits close to the seats of power Bruce runs with. Bruce also finds that his feat of heroism is giving him the kind of spotlight he doesn’t want as Bruce Wayne and that attention will get the attention of a psychologically flailing Harvey Dent.

The Story: Sam Hamm continues to craft an interesting story in this issue. The twists at the beginning of the issue definitely caught me off guard and were executed well. The Bruce/Selina dynamic continues to be an interesting continuation from the movie and Dent’s descent is intriguing to witness. The biggest problem in the story is Batman actually. He has little to no agency and seems to be a passive participant in his own story. His scenes lack anything engaging or entertaining.

The Art: Joe Quinones does some great work with the art in the issue. There are some great visuals throughout. The only thing that visually doesn’t work is the constant look of surprise on Batman’s face. It gives a sense that he is not particularly bright.

Batman '89 #3



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