Future State Gotham #6

DC Comics

Written by Joshua Willamson and Jorge Jimenez

Art by Dennis Culver and Jorge Jimenez

Letters by ALW’s Troy Peteri and Rob Leigh

The Rundown: Bruce takes Damian on a mission. Batman and Peackeeper Red face a variety of enemies.

Officers Down!
The Resistance discuss their next steps. Meanwhile, Batman and Peackeeper Red enact a plan to escape a large group of the Magistrate’s forces. Next, they search for a valuable piece of technology. However, their efforts are in vain. In the mean time, Warmonger reeks havoc at the Magistrate’s Headquarters and on Gotham City. Batman and Peackeeper Red then go after Warmonger, but soon discover something disturbing. Finally, the duo splits up in an attempt to stop the villain from destroying the city.

Father & Son Outing
Bruce and Damian Wayne stake out a rendezvous point and make preparations prior to the arrival of a group of criminals. Later Batman and Robin arrive to confront the group. Robin then makes a surprising decision.

The Story: Williams action packed narrative is extremely compelling. I really liked the team up of Jason and Jace. The two worked very well together. And as outsiders, I feel they could make a strong connection. I also like Warmonger as a villain, and I appreciate his formidability. I find the levels of villainy within Gotham City during the Magistrate’s rule fascinating and I am curious as to how they are ranked in order of chaos. I am really enjoying this series and look forward to the next chapter.

In the B story, another glimpse into the relationship between Bruce and Damian is presented. It is always interesting to see the difference between father and son. Especially when it is presented so clearly. It is also amusing to see the usually calm and hyper focused Batman in the position of frustrated dad.

The Art: Both stories use a black and white motif. Although the art styles are very different, they each convey their individual plotlines perfectly.

Future State Gotham #6



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