Titans United #2

DC Comics

Written by Cavan Scott

Art by Jose Luis

Inks by Jonas Trindade

Colors by Rex Locus

Letters by Carlos M Mangual

The Rundown: The Titans discover who has been taking their powers and how it connects to one of their own.

Hawk and Dove find themselves having a tough time taking down of all people, Kite Man. When he begins manifesting the powers of the Titans, the team arrives just in time to help. After taking on the villain, they also discover that he has a connection to the first victim. When they return, Conner is ready to return to the fight, but the fluctuating nature of his powers keep him on the sidelines. It also doesn’t help that Jason continues to hound him.

His ego bruised more than the injuries he suffered, Conner continues the investigation and discovers the scientist that links the two men together and that it has a direct connection to Cadmus. Going off on his own, the team arrives just in time for the suspect to wind up dead and the assassin on the run. As the Titans give chase, Conner’s rage separates him from the team and into the clutches of an unexpected villain.

The Story: Scott keeps the story moving with some interesting twists and turns. There are some great character moments between Conner and Jason and the tension between them makes for some great drama. The plot is intriguing and its connections to Cadmus are something I look forward to seeing explored. Having the investigation expand is also a great aspect of the plot as well.

The Art: Jose Luis delivers some great imagery throughout the issue. The characters look fantastic and the action is thrilling. The style is perfect for this group of heroes and the story being told.

Titans United #2



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