large-8841259Young Justice #4

DC Comics

Written by Brian Michael Bendis

Art by Patrick Gleason and John Timms

Colors by Alejandro Sanchez and Alex Sinclair

Letters by Wes Abbott

The team and Princess Amethyst continue to linger in the dungeon beneath Castle Opal. With the magic binding them making it hard for them to think, it makes it even harder for them to think about escape. Amethyst is thinking back on her last meeting with the other rulers and how she is effectively on her own because of her suspicions.


At the same time, Bart is still trying to figure out how Conner is alive. When the troops who invaded his land are given a warning to leave, their leader doesn’t heed it. Bart decides to be Bart and finds a way to distract the leader long enough for Conner to show him and his men the error of messing with him. When Conner and Impulse break out the team, they look for a way to escape but Amethyst has more she needs to tell them about what they face.

Brian Michael Bendis delivers a lot more plot in this issue and it works to flesh out the characters and open new mysteries for the reader to explore. The dialogue is well done and the moment the team reunites with Conner is done exceedingly well. The political intrigue and the reveals are well written and I continue to be interested in where he’s taking this plot, these characters and this team.

Patrick Gleason and John Timms deliver some truly amazing art in this issue and everything from the characters to the action looks fantastic.

Young Justice #4




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