DREAMNG_Cv8The Dreaming #8

DC Vertigo Comics

Written by Simon Spurrier

Art by Abigail Larson

Colors by Quinton Winter

Letters by Simon Bowland

At Lucien’s bedside, Rose continues to tell her sad story of the loss of love.

With her captive audience hanging on every word, Rose tells Lucien about the circumstances that brought her to the beach where he washed up. She tells him how the tattoo that her daughter gave her fiance changed everything between the two of them. After she gives him the ink, he changes. He can’t explain how or anything else to Ivy and the two continue to limp along in a relationship that Rose feels is going to end.


Rose can see that things in the world are changing as well after the tattoo is given. Things that are violent and destructive to those in the man’s wake. With the perfection of their relationship over, Ivy is desperate for answers, but she gets nothing in return. When Rose finally learns the truth, it’s too late to save Ivy from doing something desperate and she must spur Dream to act in order to save them both.

Simon Spurrier continues this powerful and engaging story with more mystery and atmosphere. Rose’s story is compelling and the pace of it feels like a well crafted song in its delivery. There is a feeling of discovery throughout the story with new developments and secrets being revealed. I want to see where this story goes next after the dramatic conclusion.

Abigail Larson brings a wistful element to the art in this issue as if everything the reader is seeing is being told through a shimmering haze.

The Dreaming #8




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