YIIK: A Post Modern RPG

Ackk Studios

Playstation 4


YIIK:A PostModern RPG (Pronounced Y2K) is a turn based RPG for the ps4.



You play as a hipster bearded ginger named Alex as he comes home from college as a liberal arts major in the year 2000. You get money and items from searching the trash and looking in couch cushions and enormous treasure chests. When you log onto a computer Alex uses a Netscape navigator like browser window, I legit laughed out loud. People who remember stuff around ‘00 will enjoy a lot of the references.

The overworld is a lot like chrono trigger meaning you walk on a map and tap x when you see a name at the bottom that takes you to a spot like a factory or Alex’s hometown.
Music is great, very chip-Tune mixed with nostalgia and swaps to jazzy fun when you change areas. I was tapping my toes to the beat quite a lot.



The game is a lot Like a modern earthbound like atmosphere with voice acting that can be spotty at times but never irritating. The character designs are pretty fun with a polygon look that reminded me of final fantasy 7 as you walk and more detailed versions when they are talking or in battle.

Open icons are hard to see and walking across tiny bridges is frustrating and I missed small things like a switch or a button to open a door or move forward.

It got frustrating and I’d have to scoot closer to the tv to see the tiny little switch or button. Luckily it has a hint feature with is super helpful since the game doesn’t give direction.



The narrative goes from real world to strange alien one super fast then back showcasing a realistic world like ours then to a strange alien one with a girl in white and the story really goes wild.

Fun interactive battles! Alex attacks with a kind of mini game that lets you scratch a record for more attack and another that uses a cat to charge enemies. Battles play out as slower turnedbased combat with the ability to defend relying on hitting the x button at just the right time to either take reduced damage or even dodge if you time it right. Combat is slow but not boring.

You use tools while exploring similar to the old wild arms series like using a cat to dash to click a switch or your stuffed panda buddy who talks (This hasn’t been explained yet) that you use to fill gaps to walk or weigh down switches.

YIIK: APostModern RPG is a fun turn based Indy RPG that has some real promise if you enjoy solid writing and a really entertaining battle system. The experience is marred a little by some visual choices and it only crashed once but there are save points everywhere.

YIIK A Post Modern RPG




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