Season 1 Episode 4

A Long Road

Back in the village, Saki asks Yasuke to bring her to Doctor Morisuke – and she won’t take no for an answer. But there are new enemies in pursuit.

Saki’s growing powers have attracted more than the priest and his mercenaries. In the aftermath of their battle, the pair escape but the Daimyo decides to send her own warriors to collect the girl. Yasuke wakes up in his home with Saki watching over them and they have an awkward reunion that turns into another feat of power from the young girl when Yasuke refuses to take her to the doctor.

Kurosaka and her men learn of what happened to the priest and she sends them to the local villages to hunt for Saki. Yasuke reveals to the young girl who the doctor really is and his connection to him. A conversation that brings him another step back into his past and the memories he is trying to bury. The moments between Yasuke and Saki have an interesting dynamic and rhythm with the girl challenging him to relive moments he is trying to forget and that challenge makes the moments all the more interesting when the memories are revealed.

Yasuke agrees to take the girl to Morisuke so that she can trained to use her powers, but to do so, he has to embrace the life of a warrior again in a scene that changes the tone of the episode and the series. The animation takes a wistful tone and the requisite wind blowing everything is perfect.

When their journey takes them to another village where the Daimyo’s men are threatening a woman, Yasuke springs into action and things get brutal in a scene that showcases the characters skills as well as the beauty of the animation. A great looking, brutal scene. I continue to be impressed with the choreography of these scenes.

When Kurosaka arrives, the battle intensifies between the two and Yasuke is reminded of a moment from his past that he regrets. A moment that still haunts him.

The latest episode of Yasuke is brilliantly paced and well done in both its action and story. The animation continues to be beautiful and the relationship between Yasuke and Saki is sweet in its innocence as well as therapeutic for the character.

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