Season 1 Episode 3

Mortal Sins

Abraham sends Haruto and Nikita to find Saki, who uses her growing powers to fight back. Under torture, Yasuke has a flashback to a betrayal.

Yasuke has been captured by Abraham and his band of mercenaries. After being dragged through the streets and humiliated, Yasuke is accused of killing Ichika and kidnapping Saki. Weak and unable to defend himself, the former samurai is taken from the village to be questioned as the mercenaries continue the hunt for the girl. The scene is filled with symbolism and incredibly powerful.

As Yasuke is subjected to torture from the priest for information, Saki continues to run. She returns to the village but is tracked. She manifests her powers again in an attempt to escape, but the mercenaries on her trail are both powerful and skilled. A great action sequence follows and shows that Saki is not without skills of her own. After being confronted by the boys of her village, her powers manifest again and she is unable to control them.

In the past, Yasuke is sparring with Natsumaru on the eve of battle. There is obviously something between the two of them, but when Yasuke sees something suspicious, the moment passes. His suspicions growing, he follows her only to find betrayal. A betrayal that will affect him when it leads to personal tragedy. Another great scene that is powerful in its imagery.

In the present, Yasuke’s torture takes a dark turn when he refuses to talk. The priest reveals a powerful secret. A power that makes him desperate to find Saki. When the girl is found and brought to the priest, a battle ensues that will showcase her true power.

Yasuke is doing everything a great series should do. It illuminates its characters, gives a great sense of story and scale while keeping the characters and their emotional journeys in the forefront. You feel for Yasuke without ever feeling sorry for him and you find yourself engaged in his struggles and how he overcomes them.

Yasuke S01XE03



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