744181._SX1280_QL80_TTD_X-Tremists #2

Marvel Comics

Written by Leah Williams

Art by Georges Jeanty

Inks by Roberto Poggi

Colors by Jim Charalampidis

Letters by Clayton Cowles

Even Department X isn’t immune from the very emotions they’ve been fighting against.


Betsy is asking herself questions. Questions about her past. Questions about her family and being held by her mother. In this new mutant utopia, family bonds are not allowed. Children are not born, they are hatched, but Betsy remembers when that wasn’t the case as she helps a young boy deal with being hurt for the first time.

When she an Bobby return to headquarters, she joins the rest of the team so Blob can give them their latest assignment. We finally get to see how the sausage is made in Net’s utopia when it turns out that the disasters the X-Men are called in to clean up have nothing natural about them. Later, Betsy confronts Blob alone about some feelings he allowed to come to the surface. Specifically, feelings about her. When she offers to remove them for him, he runs off.

Eventually Betsy seeks him out to talk about what happened while Jubilee discovers the conditions Moneta has been keeping their pregnant prisoner in. The abuse the woman is suffering under is grotesque and she is more upset that Jubilee and the others don’t want to know what’s going on.

This is an interesting issue with some great character moments and surprises. The interactions between Betsy and Fred are strangely sweet. The revelations about both Moneta and the other work that Department X does are even more compelling. Leah Williams has written a great issue with implications that are far reaching for all the characters and the world itself.

The art by Georges Jeanty is awesome. There are so many expressive character designs throughout and the visuals are great.

X-Tremists #2




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