Wolverine: The Lost Trail

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Season 2 Episode 1

Among the Missing

The Wolverine podcast returns with a new adventure.

Logan has been calling Maureen for weeks after his escape from Alaska. Unable to get her to answer, he travels to New Orleans to get answers. He tracks her last known location to a small bar and grills the owner for information. After hearing about how she seemingly lost it during a set, she disappeared shortly after that.


Logan plans to continue his hunt, but he’s stopped by a young man with a similar story. His story involves a mystery man named Jason Wyngarde and a mutant sanctuary run by the young man’s mother. The harrowing story ends with the disappearance of everyone in the sanctuary, including Wyngarde himself. The young man, Marcus, and Logan team up to get answers, but Weapon X has also found Logan’s trail and they are not going to let him go easily.

The first episode does a great job of creating this new environment for Logan to explore. The story is compelling and the voice acting sounds amazing. The only issue I found with the first episode is that right when the story starts to get going, it’s over. Thankfully, there is enough there to interest me to return for the next episode.

Wolverine The Lost Trail S02XE01




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