X-Men Red #7

Marvel Comics

Written by Tom Taylor

Art by Carmen Carnero

Colors by Rain Beredo

Letters by Cory Petit

As Jean sends her team on a clandestine mission to retrieve the phone of the dead British ambassador, Cassandra Nova puts another part of her plan into effect unleashing Kid Abomination onto the unsuspecting population of Atlantis. Jean manages to get the other half of her team out to try and help Namor as he takes on the threat himself while also trying to stop the destruction of the city.

On board the plane, Gambit and the rest of the team find themselves in an even bigger mess when their stealth mission is violently interrupted by a gunman who can sense mutants thanks to Nova’s sentinel chips. Surprised and taking heavy fire, Trinary loses her connection to their ride and the falling sentinel is heading straight towards the moving plane.

This issue was really exciting. Taylor did a great job of moving the story forward while delivering some fast paced thrills. I enjoyed the fact that Taylor didn’t drag out the Nova revelation and instead gave Jean a hard fought victory that only makes the story bigger and more exciting. This story has been highly engaging since the beginning and there have been some great moments for all the characters, especially Jean. Giving Jean her own team with its own mission is a great move because it has injected new life into the X-Men story.

Carmen Carnero does an excellent job with the art. Both the foreground action and background art are filled with rich detail, giving each panel something visually stunning to look at. I really enjoyed the Atlantis battle. I thought it was done really well. I also thought the plane action was great as well. There were a lot of really well done moments in this issue that really complemented the story being told. Definitely worth reading and can’t wait to see what happens next.

X-Men Red #7




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