X-Men Red #5

Marvel Comics

Written by Al Ewing

Art by Stefano Caselli

Colors by Federico Blee

Letters by Ariana Maher

The Rundown: The mutants are confronted by a threat to the red planet that will be devastating.

The council of Arrako meets at the Great Ring to discuss the incoming attack from the Eternals. Unfortunately, they don’t know that the clock is ticking down to an attack that they are in no way prepared for. To make matters worse, one of the members of the council decides to make a strategic withdrawal before Uranos arrives and begins his attack.

Uranos launches a destructive attack on Arrako that no one was prepared for. An attack that will leave devastation in its wake and will require everyone, including Nova, to step in and help. As Uranos’ hour elapses, it is revealed that there are some who survived his assault. Some who might have the power to prevent the next one when it arrives.

The Story: Ewing creates a great story filled with thrilling and shocking moments throughout. The menace of Uranos is on full display throughout and the fact that the story takes the time to have moments of shock, surprise and betrayal makes the story more compelling. I really enjoyed the immediacy of the plot and it actually makes me more interested in the bigger storyline.

The Art: Caselli delivers some stunning visuals on every page of the issue. There are some shocking images that brilliantly showcase the tension and terror of the story itself.

X-Men Red #5



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