Batman Beyond: Neo-Year #5

DC Comics

Written by Collin Kelly & Jackson Lanzing

Art by Max Dunbar

Colors by Romula Fajardo Jr

Letters by Aditya Bidikar

The Rundown: Terry McGinnis meets contacts Gestalt in an attempt to save Officer Beam Boonma.

Terry returns to the Batcave with an injured Beam. There they encounter a self-reflective Gestalt. After assuring the entity of their continued safety, Terry makes a deal to save Beam’s life. While treating Beam, Gestalt discovers something fascinating prompting Terry to commit to a new lifestyle. Much later, Beam makes a recovery and Terry comes to a decision. Elsewhere, Lumos invites a journalist to an unusual gala.

The Story: The penultimate chapter of this limited series focuses on Terry’s character growth. Even with the introduction of Gestalt, this issue felt very introspective and emotional. Throughout the series we have seen Terry question his purpose and his role as the caped crusader without the physical presence of Bruce Wayne to guide him. I feel that chapter saw Terry confront that and make the decision to forge his own path in an honest and relatable manner. It will be interesting to say how this saga wraps up and whether there is the opportunity for a continued story line later on.

The Art: The illustration in this issue is both pleasing and indicative of the tone of the series. The mainly blue color scheme is suitable for the location and mood, while the detailed artwork connects the reader to the varying environments. I must also take the time to acknowledge the lettering in this issue. Bidikar does an excellent job of visualizing the sound of Gestalt and differentiating it from that of Terry and Beam. Overall, I found this to be a well-crafted edition that is both connective and transportive.

Batman Beyond: Neo-Year #5



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