There have been persistent rumors about the production of the last two Fox X-Men universe films. Both X-Men Dark Phoenix and The New Mutants have been pushed back and rescheduled multiple times from their original release dates along with reshoots scheduled for both films to fix certain issues.

Now it looks like the cast of X-Men Dark Phoenix are going back for more reshoots and what was reported to be a two week shoot has now been increased to three months. What is significant about this information is that the initial shoot for Simon Kinberg’s directorial debut was only three and a half months. The amount of time taken for reshoots could conceivably be used to shoot an entirely new film.

Rumors of bad test screenings and a confusing ending to the film have also been circulating prompting many to speculate that the entire film would be scrapped and the Disney/Fox merger seemed to fuel those rumors as well. Fox has since confirmed that both Dark Phoenix and New Mutants will be released, but the timing and length of the reshoots of Dark Phoenix are adding more fuel to the fire about the film not being very good.

More on this story as it develops.


According to a report in Collider, the production will have two and a half weeks of reshoots instead of three months.

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