RoboCop Citizens Arrest #5

Boom! Studios

Written by Brian Wood

Art by Jorge Coelho

Colors by Doug Garbark

Letters by Ed Dukeshire

OCP has decided that they are going to fight fire with fire. With Alex Murphy continuing to defy the company and leading a successful uprising against the corporations attempts to remove people from their homes, the new CEO has decided to take Alex’s friend and partner Leo captive. Unfortunately, Leo has been added to a new human RoboCop program and this one takes all of the previous rules and throws them out.

Leo Reza is the new RoboCop and he has power, a new look and no directives. As a final test of their control over Leo, OCP sends him to confront his wife and son with the hope that Murphy will intervene. Their instincts are correct and Alex confronts the new RoboCop, leading the two to battle throughout the neighborhood, but Alex decides that taking a different tactic might be exactly what he needs to try and reach his friend.

I like how everything comes to a head in this issue from the conflict between Alex and Leo to the desperation from OCP and their new CEO. There are some political undertones in this issue and throughout the series that inject some interesting relevance to this story and those undertones definitely help move the story forward as far as both conflict and character development. There were definitely moments that felt a little rushed, particularly the transition Leo makes from RoboCop2.0 to an emotionless killer. I wanted to see a more subtle transition.

The art is very well done. Almost all of the panels had a sense of movement and rhythm to them and I enjoyed how the panels depicting Alex and Leo both contrasted and complemented each other. I’m interested in seeing where this story going considering the ending was such an interesting cliffhanger.

RoboCop Citizens Arrest #5




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