Silver and Black was supposed to be the next Sony Marvel Comics film utilizing characters from the Spider-Man universe, specifically Black Cat and Silver Sable. Now there’s news that the film, which already had a writer/director attached is being scrapped.

According to Deadline, after bringing in Cloak & Dagger executive producer and writer Gina Prince-Bythewood to writer and direct the film, Sony is scrapping the idea entirely and will now split the concept into solo films for both Silver Sable and Black Cat. Prince-Bythewood is expected to depart the production, but will stay on as producer for both solo films.

Black Cat is expected to be the first film telling the story of Felicia Hardy, who becomes a master thief and cat burglar. No word on whether casting had begun on the Silver and Black film so no casting news regarding the Black Cat solo film is available.

Sony intends to continue expanding the Spider-Man universe of characters into their own canon of films with Venom opening this October, Morbius starring Jared Leto in pre-production with director Daniel Espinosa and the recently announced Silk film. Sony is also looking for screenwriters for films about Spider-Man characters Jackpot and Nightwatch.

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