815398._SX1280_QL80_TTD_X-Men #5

Marvel Comics

Written by Jonathan Hickman

Art by R.B. Silva

Colors by Marte Gracia

Letters by Clayton Cowles

The Rundown: The X-Men are on the hunt for a new threat to mutantkind and they will have to send en elite team on a dangerous mission to gather the information they need.


Serafina is on the run. The super powered young woman has made her way to Ecuador and is using the locals as human shields and distractions for Wolverine as he moves in to take her down. When she escapes back into the Vault, Logan returns to the island so that Cyclops can come up with a new plan.

The X-Men decide to bring together a unique team of mutants who possess the ability to overcome the time acceleration issues the world of the Vault emanates. The small group consisting of X-23, Synch and Darwin make their way to the Vault entrance as Storm, Wolverine and Cyclops distract the defenses to distract the doorway long enough for the team to enter. When they make it inside, their presence is immediately discovered and things get more complicated.

The Story: Another threat ramps up the tension and drama of this title and this issue showcases the sacrifices the mutants are willing take to end that threat. Hickman continues to spin an engaging and entertaining story with some interesting character moments and stakes. The dialogue is very matter of fact and there is an evolution of the story now that some of the novelty and wonder of Krakoa is wearing off and the reality of nation building and security starts to sink in.

The Art: Silva offers some fantastic art in this issue. The characters and action perfectly complement the story and the tone of the art matches the dark tone of the story. This is a great looking issue and the Vault looks both wondrous and dangerous at the same time.

X-Men #5




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