X-Force #6

Marvel Comics

Written by Benjamin Percy

Art by Stephen Segovia

Colors by GURU-eFX

Letters by Joe Caramagna

The Rundown: A treaty mission to a small country will uncover a new threat to mutant sovereignty as well as the lengths X-Force will go protect it.


X-Force is the elite team of mutants dispatched from Krakoa to investigate and end threats to the mutant nation without anyone knowing. The clandestine team is run by Beast and their latest mission will showcase just how dark this black ops team is willing to go to protect mutants.

On a mission to Terra Verde, a small nation who hopes to sign a treaty with Krakoa, the President and Xavier are attacked by former scientists who have merged their DNA with that of advanced plant life. The resulting hybrids have no interest in Krakoan medicine and the island they come from. In the middle of the battle, the President’s son is kidnapped and X-Force is sent in to retrieve the young man as well as get the diplomatic mission back on track.

When Beast discovers there is more to the kidnapping than he realized, he tasks his team and Jean specifically to remove all traces of the threat as he takes a dark, pragmatic approach to protecting the future for mutants.

The Story: There is a prevailing darkness to this story and that darkness comes not only from the subject matter and the clandestine nature of the team, but also a dark morality from the characters, especially Beast. Benjamin Percy takes this story down some dark, morally ambiguous avenues and that enhances the drama. The dialogue and characters are a lot more serious and that helps the drama, but is strange for characters like Beast and Jean. I continue to be intrigued with where this story and interested in what happens next.

The Art: Stephen Segovia delivers some beautiful art throughout this issue and the action is breathtaking. I love the way the characters look and how they take over the panel. A great looking issue.

X-Force #6




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