X-Men #16

Marvel Comics

Written by Jonathan Hickman

Art by Phil Noto

Letters by Clayton Cowles

The Rundown: The merging of Krakoa with Arrako is not the smooth transition the mutants hoped for.

The island of Krakoa is set to combine with its other half Arrako, but the emergence of the island from another dimension does not have the desired effect. With everything uncertain, Krakoa decides to send an emissary of itself to meet with the other islands emissary and Cypher goes along for the ride. After a meeting that doesn’t go as planned, the Quiet Council meets to discuss what comes next, specifically what will happen with an island full of unknown mutants who have only known war for centuries.

Charles and Magento attempt to visit the island as emissaries and walk away with more concerns after meeting with Isca the Unbeaten. With a possible threat close to home, Charles and Magneto decide to fill the two missing seats on the council, but their choices have other plans for their time on the island and their mission to protect its citizens.

The Story: Hickman slows down the story effectively to give the characters a breath and deal with the new circumstances they find themselves in. The plot is engaging and the character conflicts are well established and intriguing. I continue to be impressed with the story being formed in this series and this issue was a great way to build drama close to home for these characters and establish new potential threats to come.

The Art: Phil Noto does a good job with the art. With the story being focused on character, there isn’t a lot of action to be had so the art had to be evocative of emotion and mood. Noto does a great job of bringing those elements out.

X-Men #16



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