Wonder Woman Evolution #1

DC Comics

Written by Stephanie Phillips

Art by Mike Hawthorne

Inks by Adriano Di Benedetto

Colors by Jordie Bellaire

Letters by Tom Napolitano

The Rundown: Wonder Woman will be put in the position of defending humanity from entities who are ready to stand in judgment of it.

Silver Swan has taken a group of children hostage and is awaiting the arrival of Wonder Woman. When Diana obliges her, their battle culminates in Vanessa kidnapping one of the children. In the aftermath, Diana must grapple with her decision about saving an enemy. As she contemplates the advice and words of a friend, something strange happens.

Diana finds herself being transported away from Earth and rocketing into the unknown. An unknown where she is made champion of Earth and given the monumental task of standing up for humanity as its fate is judged.

The Story: Phillips has crafted an interesting and thought provoking story in this first issue. The story is really engaging and does a great job of showcasing Diana as a character who wants to do the right things for people who might not deserve it. It shows a complicated character with a deep moral code and I am interested in seeing how that code is tested.

The Art: Hawthorne delivers some great art in the issue. The story is very character oriented and the art does a great job of showcasing character emotion.

Wonder Woman Evolution #1



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