WW65Wonder Woman #65

DC Comics

Written by G Willow Wilson

Art by Jesus Merino

Inks by Andy Owens

Colors by Romulo Fajardo Jr

Letters by Pat Brosseau

Veronica Cale has made her next move in her revenge scheme against Diana. A move that could cause ripples throughout the superhero community.


Diana is full of rage and despair as she makes her way home. With the help of her friends, she makes the determination that all of this started with a choice by Ares. After talking to both Aphrodite and Steve, she decides that there is still a way to save Themyscira and Olympus, but she must confront Nemesis to do so.

After finding the goddesses lair, Diana finds evidence there that adds a new dimension to the Nemesis/Veronica Cale partnership. When she’s finally confronted by Nemesis, she discovers that the goddess is not as helpless as she appears to be. Even worse, Diana discovers that an even bigger plan is at play.

Veronica Cale holds a press conference to double down on her take down of Wonder Woman. When she goes home and discovers Diana waiting, she flies into a rage. Diana does something unexpected in that moment. Something that could change the course of her war against Cale.

G. Willow Wilson puts a lot of drama, intrigue and twists into this issue and it works. Diana’s strength, wisdom and determination are featured throughout this issue. The dialogue is well done and Diana is given effective moments to showcase her investigative skills. One of the best moments in the issue is when Diana confronts Veronica. The moment could go in any direction, but Wilson decides to take it to an unexpected and more effective place. The only real weak part of the issue is Steve. His short interaction with Diana felt a little forced and unecessary because he never really added as much as Aphrodite did.

Jesus Merino’s art is great. All of the characters look great and he really captures the beauty and power of Diana.


Wonder Woman #65




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