manhunter3Martian Manhunter #3

DC Comics

Written by Steve Orlando

Art by Riley Rossmo

Colors by Ivan Plascencia

Letters by Deron Bennett

The final story of John Jones is revealed as J’onn J’onzz convinces his partner to stop trying to kill him long enough to listen.

Ashley Addams is still missing and it looks like whoever has her is keeping her alive for the purposes of experimentation.


At the same time, Martian Manhunter reveals how he was pulled across space and time to Earth by a scientist and when he died, J’onn was stuck on this planet. As he learned what he could about humans, he discovered a kinship with detective Jones and when he was murdered, J’onn took his place.

After revealing everything to Diane and asking for her to keep his secret, her answer is unexpected. J’onn must deal with this new dynamic, the anger of his partner and the fact that Addams is still missing and apparently in the hands of a villain with a direct connection to the Manhunters.

Steve Orlando does a great job of subverting expectations with this issue.  Every aspect of this story is interesting and he takes it to some unknown and powerful places emotionally. I was not expecting the reaction Diane had and it was one of the most human, raw and emotional reactions that one could expect. All of the dialogue is great and the mystery that is being created in this story is engaging.

Riley Rossmo’s art is sublime and brilliant in both composition and detail. Every page looks amazing and captures the tone of this story perfectly.

Martian Manhunter #3




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