STL109423Wonder Woman #64

DC Comics

Written by G Willow Wilson

Art by Jesus Merino

Inks by Andy Owens

Colors by Romulo Fajardo Jr

Letters by Pat Brosseau

Veronica Cale is a woman on a mission. A mission that will use the goddess of grudges Nemesis against the person she blames for the loss of her daughter, Wonder Woman.


Diana is nursing Steve back to health as he laments the fact that Aphrodite is living with them. When Cadmus arrives to tell her about an impact in the middle of Washington, Diana springs into action, braving the heat of the sinkhole to discover what crashed.

When Nemesis emerges, she goads Diana into a fight with information about Themyscira. During the course of the fight, Cale puts the next part of her plan into action. A plan that will not only attack Diana’s mission, but force her to confront a difficult and painful truth about her current situation.

Wilson is taking Diana on an emotional ride in the pages of this issue and it’s effective. Aligning so many forces against her and her quest to find her mother, Wilson has crafted a deeply personal story for Wonder Woman. As powerful a character as Diana is, her vulnerability is brought to the surface in her interactions with Steve and others. There is some great dialogue in this issue and the plot is great. Veronica Cale is an effective and interesting villain and her use of Nemesis is smart.

Jesus Merino’s art is fantastic. There are some beautiful details in both the characters and the backgrounds. An amazing looking issue.

Wonder Woman #64




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