Pages-from-LONGCON-#6-REFERENCE-1The Long Con #6

ONI Press

Written by Dylan Meconis and Ben Coleman

Art by Ea Denich

Colors by Fred C Stresing

Letters by Aditya Bidikar

News of a world outside the Con has Victor and Dez seeking out Helvetica Caslon in her stronghold within Cape Town.

Victor recounts the moments before the cataclysm as he and Dez try to convince Caslon to gather her followers and tell everyone the truth.


Unfortunately for the pair, Helvetica Caslon has found power she never had before in this new world and she’s taking the role of Editor in Chief really seriously.

Dylan Meconis and Ben Coleman do a great job of adding another dimension to the dense and entertaining world they’ve created in this issue and the series. The possibility of an existence outside the Con is information that could change everything about the world being created for the survivors and that information is a valuable asset. It’s interesting to see characters like Helvetica deal with that revelation as she becomes used to running her own little kingdom in Cape Town. There is some really good writing and dialogue in this issue and the new conflicts being created keep the story entertaining and engaging for the reader. It also helps that the story continues to be incredibly funny as it skewers Con culture.

The art by Ea Denich is fun and detailed. There are some great visual moments in this issue. The art style really complements the tone and pace of the story.

The Long Con #6




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