superman-8-preview-coverSuperman #8

DC Comics

Written by Brian Michael Bendis

Art by Ivan Reis and Brandon Peterson

Inks by Joe Prado

Colors by Alex Sinclair

Letters by Josh Reed

Jon continues his story as Superman gets increasingly enraged at the time he’s lost and his father.


Jon is increasingly wary about how verbose his grandfather has become and how depressing the trip is becoming. He learns more about how vast and dangerous the universe really is. He becomes more determined to go home and even tries to enlist a couple of Green Lanterns to help him get there. Jon’s desire to go depresses his grandfather even more and the relationship between the two of them becomes more strained.

Back on Earth, Superman becomes increasingly enraged at the situation and goes out looking for something to punch. Finding Mongul raiding his previous Fortress of Solitude is the perfect excuse to take out some frustration. As they continue to scan and listen to Jon’s story, his journey takes an unexpected and dangerous turn.

Bendis has expanded the significance of Jon as a character in this issue and it is really starting to tie together the House of El storyline. I like the tone that Bendis is taking with this issue and the story itself. He’s giving Jon’s journey the time and space that it needs to develop into something interesting for both Superman and his family. One of my favorite parts of the issue is Clark having a real moment of rage as he contemplates the time that he’s lost with his son and goes out looking for someway to vent his rage. It’s a real moment for the character and shows that he isn’t as above it all as people would like to think.

This was an engaging and interesting issue. It adds layers to Jor-El and even makes the character more sympathetic.

Reis and Peterson generate some dynamic and beautiful art that is punctuated by great inks and colors by Prado and Sinclair. All of the details in the panels look great.

Superman #8




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