Wonder-Twins-5-spoilers-0-AWonder Twins #4

DC Comics

Written by Mark Russell

Art by Stephen Byrne

Letters by Dave Sharpe

Zan and Jayna are still adjusting to life as teenagers on Earth and part of that adjustment means dating.

Jayna finds herself in the company of a young man at the Science Far who is taken with her and the feeling seems to be mutual. Even though she’s terrified, she musters up the courage to ask her friend Polly to meet her at the location Red is working at that night. She agrees and in the afterglow of the moment, Zan swaggers in with news of his own. Completely oblivious to being flirted with, he also has a date that night with one of the most popular girls in school.


With the Legion of Doom holding their annual mixer, the Justice League has decided to shut down the Hall of Justice for the night. This gives the twins the opportunity to meet their dates. Zan takes his date to dinner and a movie and has an unexpected run in with her ex-boyfriend. Jayna finds herself deep in the heart of the Legion of Doom’s mixer when she discovers that Red is a supervillain in training. Things go from bad to worse when Polly arrives and finds a familiar face in the crowd of villains.

I admire Mark Russell for keeping the light, fun tone of this series going from issue to issue. Removing the high stakes and seriousness allows for the humor to emerge and the Wonder Twins effortlessly fall into the realm of the ridiculous. I enjoy how the characters interact with others in the world, but I still don’t get much of a sense of who these twins are as siblings. Other than the fact that they are twins, there doesn’t seem much to connect them.

Stephen Byrne’s art is a perfect complement to Russell’s story in both tone and look. There is a lightness to the art that makes it engaging to the reader.

Wonder Twins #4




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