758757._SX1280_QL80_TTD_Captain Marvel #5

Marvel Comics

Written by Kelly Thompson

Art by Carmen Carnero

Colors by Tamra Bonvillain

Letters by Clayton Cowles

After letting Rogue absorb her power, Carol and Rogue go on the offensive against Nuclear Man. It’s a successful distraction that keeps the would be despot busy while Carol’s forces move in to attack. Carol and Rogue regain control of their bodies and keep Nuclear Man busy while Carol’s forces move in.


With the knowledge that Nuclear Man has planted a bomb in their midst, Carol joins her forces and her fears about the “bomb” are confirmed when Som begins to manifest powers he can’t control. Realizing that Som is the key to more than he realizes, Carol calls in Rogue to absorb the growing energy inside the young man before he detonates. It’s a move that allows for the heroes to get their full powers back and press the attack on Nuclear Man’s forces.

In the ensuing battle, Carol and Rogue come to an understanding as Captain Marvel’s forces begin their final assault on Nuclear Man to free the island.

Kelly Thompson offers a great conclusion to this storyline and I didn’t want to spoil both the ending and what she is setting up for Carol next. The conclusion to this story did everything it was supposed to do in plot, pace and dialogue to keep the reader interested and engaged in the battle as well as curious and entertained by its aftermath. The Carol/Rogue dynamic continues to be one that I enjoy seeing explored and Thompson does a great job of both exploring that interplay as well as keeping the tension fresh between these characters.

Carmen Carnero really delivers with the art in this issue. Every page is richly detailed and all of the action looks amazing.

Captain Marvel #5




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