Wolverine: The Long Night

Season One Episode 3


Agent Marshall confronts Sheriff Ridge about the Nicholas Prophet recording that seems to connect the man to the second female victim Sandy Evans discovered outside of town. The sheriff continues to insist that the woman’s death was caused by a bear attack and keeps trying to steer the agents back to Logan as the main suspect in the murders of the men on the fishing boat. The agents have been checking the case files and they are finding things that are not in the police report that are giving them pause.

As the agents converge on their hotel room, they discover that a video of the Aurora cult holding a ceremony in the town hall contains footage of the first victim Jessica Riley. As the duo decide to investigate the crime scene, Deputy Bobby continues to spy on them for the sheriff. The investigation leads to an interview with the parents of Jessica. The father explains how he went to the cult’s compound and demanded that they give her back. A demand he made with his friends and their weapons.


The leader of the Aurora cult Nicholas Prophet now becomes a suspect due to his connection to both victims. As the agents travel to the compound to interview Prophet, they discover that the cult lives beneath the building in a series of caves and that Prophet has had a personal run in with Logan as well at the compound. As the agents take their notes and compare theories back at their hotel, they get a mystery phone call.

The mystery continues to get deeper in this episode as the agents broaden the scope of their investigation and get more answers. I love the intensity of this series and this episode adds a lot of hopefully useful information for future episodes, but the lack of Logan in this episode slowed down my interest a little. The previous episode had a description of the specific character’s interaction with Logan that was punctuated by the voice of the character and the sounds of the encounter. This episode lacked that and it suffered a little because of it. Still engaging overall though and I am invested in this story and want to see where it goes.

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