Almost twenty years after the supernatural thriller Stir of Echoes hit theaters, the writer/director and star are teaming up for another supernatural thriller.

Writer/Director David Koepp is teaming with actor Kevin Bacon on the supernatural thriller ‘You Should Have Left‘ for Blumhouse Pictures.

el ultimo escalon

Koepp is both writing and directing the film based on the novel by Daniel Kehlmann. ‘You Should Have Left’ has been compared to Stephen King’s The Shining in tone. The book is about a successful screenwriter who has to write a follow-up to his hit film. He decides to move into a remote house in the mountains with his family in order to finish his work. A series of unexplained occurences begin to affect the writer as he begins to question his sanity.


Bacon purchased the rights to the book and will executive produce as well as star. The film is expected to begin production at the end of this year.

More on this story as it develops.


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