Wolverine #1

Marvel Comics

Written by Benjamin Percy

Art by Adam Kubert and Viktor Bogdanovic

Colors by Frank Martin and Matthew Wilson

Letters by Cory Petit

The Rundown: Two stories from the man named Logan highlight a new threat to Krakoa as well as the rise of an ancient enemy.


The Flower Cartel finds Logan and X-Force investigating the theft of Krakoan flowers. Flowers used in the production of the medicinal cures that the new nation is selling to the world. At the same time, a CIA agent is tracking the theft as well and both teams find themselves at the same location, but Wolverine finds himself face to face with the mysterious Pale Girl as her powers force the mutant to commit acts against his team that may never recover from.

In the second story, Catacombs, Omega Red emerges from the Krakoan gate and Wolverine is ready to end the injured mutant once for all but for Magneto’s intervention. After tracking Red’s trail to Paris, he teams up with a mysterious young woman who is on the hunt for the real threat; vampires. After finding the lair of the creatures, we find that the rise of Krakoa has emboldened the creatures of the night and their leader Dracula.

The Story: Benjamin Percy delivers across the board with both of these stories. Wolverine’s life on Krakoa has so far been one that straddles the line between enjoying paradise while also feeling uneasy about it. Both stories play into that dynamic and explore them in ways that are engaging to the reader. I enjoyed both stories immensely and Logan’s unique perspective on both the threats and his own life are well told.

The Art: Adam Kubert brings some beautifully detailed panels to his story and there is a great contrast between the lush, stylish vision of Krakoa and the brutal sharpness of the outside world. Bogdanovic showcases the brutality of the character perfectly as his panels bathe Wolverine in darkness and shadows.


Wolverine #1




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