821699._SX1280_QL80_TTD_Captain America #19

Marvel Comics

Written by Ta-Nehisi Coates

Art by Jason Masters, Bob Quinn and Lucas Werneck

Colors by Matt Milla

Letters by Cory Petit

The Rundown: Steve Rogers will learn the truth about the Daughters of Liberty and a new team will bring back a legend.


Steve Rogers wants answers and the person providing them is another familiar face; Agatha Harkness. Taking Steve into the past, Agatha reveals that the Daughters of Liberty were formed earlier than the super soldier could have imagined and that their mission and skills were developed over years of being in the shadows, influencing events undetected. This leads Steve to another familiar face; Peggy Carter.

As Captain America learns more about Peggy, her mission during the war and her connection to the Daughters, he also learns that the Daughters were infiltrated and the extent of that infiltration leads back to Sharon’s capture by Lukin. In the wake of his understanding, Captain America will find that the woman he loves isn’t the only one keeping secrets from him as a new team gathers to stop his greatest enemy.

The Story: Coates brings a deeper, richer and more meaningful history to the Daughters of Liberty and that is great. At the same time, many of the story elements felt a little flat and anticlimactic. I was hoping that the reveal of what is wrong with Sharon would have more impact on the character, but it has yet to be particularly compelling. Steve’s journey and the revelations about Peggy are handled well and the end of the issue promises something really big and interesting to come. Those elements make the story worth reading.

The Art: The art style varies in many places. A lot of the panels look amazing and are filled with detail and energy while others feel flat and lifeless.


Captain America #19




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