Wildstorm 30th Anniversary Special #1

DC Comics

Written by Brandon Choi, J. Scott Campbell, Warren Ellis, Christos Gage, Brett Booth, Dan Abnett, Matthew Rosenberg, Greg Pak, Ed Brisson, Meghan Fitzmartin and Joshua Williamson

Art by Jim Lee, J. Scott Campbell, Bryan Hitch, Dustin Nguyen, Brett Booth, Neil Googe, Stefano Landini, Minkyu Jung, Mike Henderson, Jeff Spokes, Will Conrad and Jonboy Meyers

Inks by Scott Williams, Paul Neary and Norm Rapmund

Colors by Alex Sinclair, Peter Steigerwald, Laura Martin, Randy Mayor, Andrew Dalhouse, Carrie Strachan, Rain Beredo, Sunny Gho, Hi-Fi, Romulo Fajardo Jr and Sebastian Cheng

Letters by Dave Sharpe, Carlos M. Mangual, Josh Reed, Saida Temofonte, Travis Lanham, Wes Abbott, Ferran Delgado and Troy Peteri

The Rundown: All star writers and artists celebrate the Wildstorm universe and its characters.


Michael Cray is sent on a mission to find the man who saved his life. After finding where he is being held and the circumstances it would take to rescue him, Cray makes the decision. One that will showcase his skills while also solidifying his role as an assassin.

A great short story with an awesome twist that is perfect for the character. Lee’s art is fantastic and I loved every detailed panel.

Generation Millennial

The kids of Gen 13 deal with the realities of life as young people in the year 2017. As Caitlin deals with an increasingly radicalized Lynch and Sarah fights for her rights in the streets of the city, Bobby decides to enjoy his new legal pastime while Roxy and Grunge deal with the frontier of online dating right before things take an interesting turn.

A fun and funny look back at characters I really enjoyed and would love to see come back. Especially if J. Scott Campbell were bringing them to life visually.


Jenny writes a letter to a future version of herself. One that will usher in the next century. In that century, The Authority take on a deadly space creature and Jenny has to take the lead in the battle to find a way to save the citizens of a small town, but also a teammate.

An exciting and entertaining story with some fantastic art and thrills throughout.

The Only Constant

Spartan awakens in a world that feels wrong. Fortunately, an old friend is there to remind him not only of his own story, but of the story of the Wildcats team and the one thing that has always kept them together before he prepares to walk into a new world.

A great short story that highlights the character and his history.


Marc is sent on a mission to deal with some ghosts from his past. As he delves deeper into danger, he gets some backup from Taboo and the two of them take on an increasingly powerful group of villains back back with Backlash getting back into the swing of things along the way.

An entertaining story that brings readers up to speed with the characters and their story. Booth delivers some great art as well.

Better Days

In a ruined version of New York City, Mr. Majestic makes his way to a small diner. A diner where he once met with his fellow heroes to discuss something important. A meeting that will lead to a new understanding between the different groups. A meeting that came before a world changing event that finds Majestic standing alone.

A great short story that makes me want to read more.

The Grifter

A scientist finds himself on a subway train with Cole Cash right before they are attacked by ninjas. After a heated battle, Grifter gets something from the scientist for Halo and meets with a familiar face to discuss what just happened.

A great, action filled short that teases an interesting story to come for the character.

City Boy and the King of Cities

Jack Hawksmoor speaks to cities and has found relative peace in the city of Last Chance. When a young man with interesting powers arrives to find a place for himself, he runs into Jack. After an interesting confrontation, Jack sees there might be something special about this kid.

A fun, light and engaging story that teases something interesting to come. The art is great and brilliantly captures the atmosphere and tone of the story.

Building A Better Bomb

Director Bones has taken over the Justice League Watchtower and uses it to create a new Stormwatch team. A team that will take out threats permanently and without remorse. Their fist mission will bring them fact to face with a group of superpowered Nazis creating a weapon that Bones will want in case the League decides to try to stop him.

A entertaining story that has some great mystery elements that I want to see explored.

In Service of None

Michael Cray remembers everything about his life, including how it ended. When he woke up in the body of someone else, he knew something was wrong but he kept working for the people who saved him anyway until he finally decided that after being transferred from body to body and battle to battle, he wasn’t serving anyone anymore.

A really cool short that reminds me how cool a character Deathblow is.


A pair of villains have interrupted a quiet vacation for Apollo and Midnighter and the heroes decide to show them what a bad idea that was. When one of them reminds Apollo of his time on Warworld, the hero snaps and shows them how powerful is. A move that will force Midnighter to remind him of how much he needs him and how their love keeps them and protects them.

An entertaining short that highlights how special a bond the characters have and why it endures.


At a secret League of Shadows location, Angel Breaker discovers that Zealot has arrived to complete a personal mission. A mission to retrieve something that was taken. During the ensuing battle, Zealot discovers that the sword was taken for a reason. A reason that will require Angel Breaker to seek guidance from some powerful beings.

An entertaining story with some great action and awesome art.

Wildstorm 30th Anniversary Special #1



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