Wild’s End #6

BOOM! Studios

Written by Dan Abnett

Art by I.N.J. Culbard

Colors by I.N.J. Culbard

Letters by I.N.J. Culbard

The Rundown: The small band of survivors make their final stand against the invaders.

After diverting some of the lamppost invaders away from the transmitter, Skipper and Bernie can only sit back and watch as the lighthouse is destroyed. At the same time, the others try to distract another invader while Edmund moves the truck and their mine into position.

As the invaders begin to return to the site of the transmitter, one of the survivors will make a desperate sacrifice to save the others. An act that will save the town, but not everyone will be who they were before and the crew discovers that there fight is only beginning.

The Story: Abnett brings this arc to an amazing conclusion filled with great drama, action, thrills and heart. The story delivers great moments for every character including growth in some and softness in others. I love how each character changes in the story and how the events surrounding them make them more determined to do what they can to help. I also the open-ended style of the conclusion and how it leaves the door open for more story to come.

The Art: Culbard has a wonderful visual style and it brings a fresh and engaging view of the way comics can tell a story visually. I love the imagery throughout the issue and how it combines elements of War of the Worlds and Arnold Lobel to create a unique visual experience.

Wild's End #6



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