Local Man #7

Image Comics

Written by Tony Fleecs and Tim Seeley

Art by Tony Fleecs and Tim Seeley

Colors by Brad Simpson and Felipe Sobreiro

The Rundown: Jack investigates a mysterious death and gets closer to discovering Inga’s secret.

Jack pays a visit to the woods outside of Farmington to check out a band of hippies who might have a connection to the death of a local girl. Unfortunately, Jack’s investigation will find him drugged and targeted by a creature stalking the water and will lead him to a location Inga is hoping he doesn’t find.

In a second story, after Jack left Farmington to become a superhero, Inga struggled to find purpose in her life and a way to save the town. After several failed attempts, she finds a possible solution.

The Story: Fleecs and Seeley do a fantastic job of bringing this world and its characters to life. The story takes some great twists and turns throughout and I love the contrast in both tone and style of the two stories from both the past and present. The present story has some great moments for Jack and the past story does a great job of fleshing out Inga as a character.

The Art: Fleecs and Seeley have brilliantly complementary art styles and both stories deliver great details, emotion and character moments.

Local Man #7



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