White Savior #1

Dark Horse Comics

Written by Eric Nguyen and Scott Burman

Art by Eric Nguyen

Colors by Iwan Joko Triyono

Letters by Micah Meyers

The Rundown: A young man finds himself in the middle of a legend from the past.

There is a legend in ancient times of a hero that would save the village of Inoki from destruction. A hero who would go on to be the savior of the village of and its people. Unfortunately, his first foray into battle would be his last.

Centuries later, a young Asian man named Todd will find himself in the middle of a very bad day when his wallet gets stolen and he finds the young woman responsible. A young woman who leads him on a chase that will bring him back in time to the village of Inoki on the eve of battle. A battle that will bring him face to face with the white savoir that will doom them all.

The Story: A fun, funny and fast paced first issue from Nguyen. The action is fun and entertaining and the story is filled with great dialogue and humor. I love the flow of the character conversations and how real they seem. The premise is incredibly funny on its face and the journey to get to the final reveal is great. I found myself invested in the story and the characters from the first few pages and now I want to see what comes next.

The Art: I love the look of the issue. The visuals are vibrant and engaging. The art style is perfect for both the comedic elements of the story and its expressive characters as well as the beautifully detailed action.

White Savior #1



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