Harrower #2

BOOM! Studios

Written by Justin Jordan

Art by Brahm Revel

Colors by Brahm Revel

Letters by Pat Brosseau

The Rundown: The kids make it to the party, but not everyone will make it out alive.

With Alex and Reed still missing in the woods, Briony and Jax make their way to the house party and wait for their friends to arrive. When Reed arrives alone, they start to relax, but Briony knows something is wrong.

When the power goes out in the house, one of the teens goes to investigate and finds himself the latest victim of the Harrower who decides to cut a swath of death of destruction through the house until the kids realize there is no escape.

The Story: Jordan wastes no time diving head first into the action and terror in this issue. The story elevates classic horror and slasher movie tropes with savage glee and I enjoyed every moment of tension and terror. The plot continues to be engaging and entertaining. I love how the story continues to build on the horror in inventive and entertaining ways right up to the fantastic action packed cliffhanger.

The Art: Revel delivers some beautifully detailed and awesome visual moments throughout. Everything from the basement sequence to the car sequence was visually inventive and fantastic.

Harrower #2



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