It was recently announced that actress/director Olivia Wilde will be directing an upcoming female-led film for Sony set in their Marvel universe. While the director and the studio are currently mum about the details of the project, we love some good speculation and there are some great characters in Sony’s Marvel universe that Wilde could bring to the big screen.


The film is being written by Katie Silberman who wrote the hit film Booksmart which was Wilde’s feature film directorial debut.


Here are some of my picks of which Sony/Marvel movies Olivia Wilde could be directing.




The most obvious choice for a female-led Marvel character in the Sony Spider-Man universe would have to be Marvel Comics super spy and adventurer Jessica Drew aka Spider-Woman. Jessica has all the powers of Spider-Man and many more including gliding, pheromone manipulation and energy projection.

Besides being a world class detective, super spy and fighter, Jessica Drew is one of the only characters in the Marvel universe that balances all of those things while being a single mother. Motherhood has never been dealt with in superhero films before and Olivia Wilde could bring an interesting vision to a story about a hero who has to balance both the demands of saving the world and raising a child.

Black Cat Solo Film


A Black Cat film has been in development in some form or another including the recently cancelled Silver and Black feature which would have brought both Black Cat and Silver Sable together on screen in a film directed by Gina Prince-Bythewood (The Old Guard). With that film not going forward, a solo film for the Marvel cat burglar and anti-hero might be the perfect way to bring to the character to the screen.

Felicia Hardy is an expert burglar, skilled hand to hand combatant and criminal mastermind who can alter probability causing bad luck to those who try to stop her. Her complicated life as both a criminal and hero are perfect narrative roads for Wilde to explore if she decides to bring Felicia’s adventures to the big screen.



Cindy Moon aka Silk is a newer addition to the Spider-Verse, but she has made a big impression with fans to the point where a Silk film has been announced to be in development with Sony.

Bitten by the same radioactive spider that gave Peter Parker his powers, Cindy’s powers evolved to include organic webshooters eidetic memory and a more advanced spider-sense. The character’s alter ego has already appeared on screen in Spider-Man Homecoming so it wouldn’t be a stretch to see her in her own film.

Silver Sable


The leader of the fictional country of Symkaria, Silver Sable and her Wild Pack are a group of international mercenaries who hunt war criminals. Sable has been both an ally and enemy of Spider-Man depending on what her mission requires. A tough, no-nonsense leader highly skilled in combat and weapons could be a great action adventure for Olivia Wilde to tackle.

These are just some of the characters that Olivia Wilde could take on as director (she would also be perfect playing many of these characters as well). Which Marvel character would you like to see Olivia Wilde bring to the big screen. Let me know in the comments below.


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