What If… Miles Morales Became Thor #4

Marvel Comics

Written by Yehudi Mercado

Art by Luigi Zagaria

Colors by Chris Sotomayor

Letters by Cory Petit

The Rundown: Miles aka Thor finds himself dealing with his future as his uncle has plans of his own.

Thor is beloved in Asgard for his feats and adventures and as he is reminded about his father’s jubilee, he is concerned about his future. After deciding to visit his friends, he is interrupted by his uncle Loki who has decided to take his mind off his troubles by taking him to retrieve a gift for his father.

Unfortunately, this trip will bring the pair to Jotunheim where Thor must battle frost giants before taking something to present at the party. Something Loki will use to cause mischief and even the death of the king.

The Story: Mercado crafts a story filled with goofy fun and adventure. I liked the vibe of the story a lot and how it incorporates hip-hop culture into the dialogue and tone of the story. I like how Miles’ relationship dynamics are used in the story especially with Loki aka Aaron. It’s a fun story that has a classic feel to it despite its contemporary take on the characters.

The Art: Zagaria offers some great visuals throughout the issue. I like the visual mix of Asgard and Brooklyn and some of the small things like the Bifrost being the Brooklyn Bridge.

What If... Miles Morales Became Thor #4



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